Initially intimidated by the thought of using Nodes, I don’t want to go back to layers, nodes reflect my thinking more so that layers and with the Mari Extension Pack from Jens Kafitz then I can comfortably ‘live’ within Mari [I loves it, I does].
Foundry, I’d like to have the ‘grab’ area of a background node to be bit larger though.

Peter Aversten - Follow Along

I’m a hobbyist who loves modelling and texturing.

This is just where I am going to post my work as I follow along.

I picked up Mari a few years ago and for an age was overwhelmed – however watching and unpicking everything I could find on the net and in magazines I was eventually able to start with the basics. One of the resources I found was Peter’s original series, over at meshmen I think. He said he was going to run this node based series and I patiently waited, and probably occasionally pestered him a bit – and here it is. It’s a goldmine of information.

Follow along with Peter’s Mari node-graph tutorials here

For my learning style I watch, listen and then draw up the graphs on paper, then I go copy exactly as much as I can on Peter’s model, then do the same on one of my own models, and when I don’t understand, I can always post a question or ask live.

There is very little information or tutorials out there, particularly with this amount of detail.

So grab a coffee and come along on a Sunday and Wednesday evening.